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Mary Bird in Persia
Clara C. Rice

London: Church Missionary Society, 1916. Hbk. pp.200.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Missionary Society

Clara C. Rice, Mary Bird in Persia


1 - Mary Bird-Her Ancestry, Early Life, and Personality
2 - Ancient Persia
3 - Modern Persia
4 - Persian Conditions and Customs
5 - Mary Bird as a Pioneer
6 - ''Khanum Maryam,'' The Friend of the Persians
7 - The Attitude of the Persians to "Khanum Maryum"
8 - Mary Bird as a "Doctor"
9 - Mary Bird as a "Teacher"
10 - Mary Bird as a Friend and an Inspiration
11 - "A Faithful Soldier and Servant" at Work and at Rest
12 - The Present Opportunity in Persia
Glossary of Persian Terms


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