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Medical Missions in China. In Connexion with the Wesleyan Methodist Church with Forty-Six Illustrations
W. Arthur Tatchell [1869-1937]

London: Robert Culley, [1909]. Hbk. pp.351.

This book is in the Public Domain


An Appreciation by the Hon. E.H. Fraser, C.M.B., H.B.M. Consul-General, Hankow

  1. 'The Tender Mercies of the Heathen - Are Cruel'
  2. A Brief Survey of Medical Missions in China

    Central China: The Province North of the Lake
  3. The Mouth of the Han
  4. Resuscitation
  5. The City of Virtue and Peace
  6. Work for Suffering Women
  7. The City of Military Glory
  8. Recent Advances

    Central China: The Province South of the Lake
  9. A Long-Closed Door

    South China
  10. Buddha's Hill
  11. The 'Tree of the Phoenix' City
  12. The 'Shiu' Barrier City
  13. Of Past and Present Medical Missionaries

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