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Memoir of Sarah B. Judson, Member of the Mission to Burmah
Fanny Forester (a.k.a. Emily Chubbock Judson)

London: Aylott & Jones, 1849. pp.179.

This book is in the Public Domain

Emily Chubbock Judson [1817-1854] a.k.a Fanny Forester

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Introductory Notice

  1. Early Days
  2. A New Life
  3. The Consecration
  4. Contrasts
  5. Maulmain
  6. Tavoy
  7. Little Sarah
  8. The Revolt
  9. Withering and Watching
  10. "Death in the Jungle"
  11. The Female Missionary
  12. A New Home
  13. The Mother and Child
  14. Trial on Trial
  15. The Christian's Death

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