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Memories of the Mission Field
Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943]

London: Morgan & Scott, [1927]. Hbk. pp.158.

This book is in the Public Domain

Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943], Memories of the Mission Field


  • Foreword by F.B. Meyer
  • Author's Note
  1. Snapshots from Syria
  2. The Widows of Brindaban
  3. Some of Calcutta's Contrasts
  4. Newspaper Evangelism in Japan
  5. Half a Dozen Heroines
  6. The Man from Ping-Liang
  7. China New Year
  8. A Three-fold Cord
  9. A School of the Prophets
  10. A Missionary's "Extras"
  11. On Shantung's Shore
  12. Among Chinese Factory Girls
  13. Beauty From Ashes
  14. One of His Jewels
  15. Shipwrecked Souls
  16. Two Typical Groups
  17. Missionary Housekeeping

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