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Mission and Meaning
Essays Presented to Peter Cotterell

Antony Billington, Tony Lane & Max Turner, editors.
Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 1995. Pbk. ISBN: 0-85364-676-7. pp.375.

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Reproduced by kind permission of Paternoster Press.

Antony Billington, Tony Lane & Max Turner, editors. Mission and Meaning. Essays Presented to Peter Cotterell
Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 1995. Pbk. ISBN: 0853646767.

Mission and Meaning: Essays Presnted to Peter Cotterell


  PrefaceView in PDF format pdf viii-ix
  Main Publications of Peter CotterellView in PDF format pdf x-xii
  ContributorsView in PDF format pdf xiii-xiv
  AbbreviationsView in PDF format pdf xv-xvi
  I. Biblical Perspectives  
1. The Meaning of Mission in Isaiah 40-55View in PDF format pdf
David F. Payne
2. Nebuchadnezzar's Theology and OursView in PDF format pdf
Deryck C.T. Sheriffs
3. The Prophethood of all BelieversView in PDF format pdf
Mary J. Evans
4. The Concept of Jubilee and Luke 4:18-30View in PDF format pdf
Robert Willoughby
5. Mission and Misunderstanding:
Paul and Barnabas in Lystra (Acts 14:8-20)View in PDF format pdf
Conrad Gempf
6. Jesus and the Marginalised in the Fourth GospelView in PDF format pdf
Stephen Motyer
7. The Paraclete and Mission in the Fourth GospelView in PDF format pdf
Antony Billington
8. Paul's Apostolic Self-Awareness
and the Occasion and Purpose of RomansView in PDF format pdf
Daniel J.-S. Chae
9. Mission and Meaning in Terms of 'Unity' in EphesiansView in PDF format pdf
Max Turner
  II. Historical and Theological Perspective  
10. A Model Missionary to Muslims:
Thomas Valpy French (1825-1891)View in PDF format pdf
Michael Griffiths
11; Ten Theses on Justification and SanctificationView in PDF format pdf
Tony Lane
12. Edward Irving and Uniqueness of ChristView in PDF format pdf
Graham W.P. McFarlane
13. Soundly Converted?View in PDF format pdf
Meic Pearse
  III. Philosophical and Contextual Perspectives  
14. All One Body? A Missiological Appreciation of the Struggles of an Ethnic Church in IndonesiaView in PDF format pdf
Ailish F. Eves
15. Sickness and Syncretism in the African ContextView in PDF format pdf
Keith Ferdinando
16. Capital Gains or Christians are not WorkingView in PDF format pdf
Mark Greene
17. Meaning, Mission and TruthView in PDF format pdf
Peter Hicks
18. Postmodernity and Rationality:
the Final Credits or just a Commercial Break?View in PDF format pdf
Nick Mercer
19. The Concept of 'Living By Faith'View in PDF format pdf
Harold H. Rowdon
20. The Scandal of the Church in the Mission of God's PeopleView in PDF format pdf
Derek Tidball
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