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On This Rock or The Cetainties of Faith
Henry Grattan Guinness [1835-1910]

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Book Description

On This Rock or The Cetainties of Faith
Publication Year:
Morgan & Scott
Christian Mission
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Henry Grattan Guinness [1835-1910], On This Rock or The Cetainties of Faith


  • Introduction
  1. Below the Clouds; or, The Speculations of Philosophy
    1. Outline of the History of Pre-Christian Philosophy
    2. Philosophy of the Middle Ages
    3. Modern Philosophy
  2. Above the Clouds; or, The Certainties of Religion
    1. The Universality of Religion
    2. The Supremacy of the Christian Religion
    3. The Supernatural Origin and Character of Christianity
    4. The Place of Christ in History
    5. The Place of Christ in Nature
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix—Table of Astronomical Observations in Ptolemy's Almagest
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