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Mary H. Debenham [1864-1947]
Patteson of the Isles

London: Oxford University Press, 1921. Hbk. pp.160.

This book is in the Public Domain

Mary H. Debenham [1864-1947], Patteson of the Isles


  • Foreword
  1. Two Devon Boys
  2. Out to His Great Adventure
  3. Finding His Sea-Legs
  4. 'The Multitude of the Isles'
  5. The Boys of the Islands
  6. 'Business in Great Waters'
  7. Father of the Island Sons
  8. The Cruise of the 'Sea Breeze'
  9. The Road of the Holy Cross
  10. The Weaving of the Net
  11. The Secret of St. Barnabas
  12. The Snatch-Snatch Boats
  13. 'Port, After Stormy Seas'

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