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Pioneer Life and Work in New Guinea 1877-1894
James Chalmers [1841-1901]

London: The Religious Tract Society, 1895. Hbk. pp.255.

This book is in the Public Domain

James Chalmers [1841-1901], Pioneer Life and Work in New Guinea 1877-1894



  1. How New Guinea Came Under Christian Training
  2. Early Experiences
  3. South Cape in 1878 and in 1882
  4. A Trip to Oiabu and Mekeo
  5. A Trading Voyage With the Natives
  6. Among the Cannibals
  7. Pioneer Mission Work in 1884
  8. Some New Guinea Celebrities
  9. Sketches of New Guinea Life
  10. An Adventurous Journey on the Gulf of Papua
  11. The First Trip of the Launch Miro
  12. The Miro on the Fly River

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