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The Practical Approach to Muslims
Jens Christensen

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Book Description

The Practical Approach to Muslims
Publication Year:
[The North Africa Mission]
Christian Mission, India, Medical Missions, Leprosy
Copyright Holder:
AWM Pioneers. Reproduced by permission
Jens Christensen, The Practical Approach to Muslims


  • Editor's Note
  • Preface
  1. Introduction

    Just how are You Going to Approach Muslims?
  2. Means
  3. Criticism
  4. Politics
  5. Proclamation I
  6. Proclamation II
  7. Intolerance

    Just What are You Aiming at?
  8. Individual Conversion or Mass Movements
  9. Preaching, Teaching and Witnessing
  10. The Muslim Convert in the Church

    Just Where Does Your Christian Living Fit in?
  11. Just Collective and Individual Responsibility I
  12. Collective and Individual Responsibility II
  13. Good Deeds in Realtion to Evangelism
  14. Prayer in Relation to Evangelism

    What About the Question of Universiality?
  15. Is Christianity Universal?
  16. Is Islam Universal

    Is It "A Battle of Books"
  17. Yes and No
  18. Inspiration and Revelation

    Is it Law or Evangel?
  19. Wherein Did Christ Differ from the Jews in the Matter of Faith?
  20. How Does Your Conception of Faith Differ from that of a Muslim?
  21. Is Islam Law or Evangel?

    What About the Dogma of the Holy Spirit?
  22. Is this Dogma Preachable I
  23. Is this Dogma Preachable II
  24. If not Preachable, Then What?

    What About the Eternal Sonship of Christ?
  25. Conceived by the Holy Spirit
  26. Born of a Virgin

    What is Your Attitutude Toward Muhammad?
  27. Muhammed's Conception of God in Relation to Yours
  28. Muhammed's Conception of Preaching in Relation to Yours
  29. Muhammed's Conception of His Book in Relation to Yours
  30. Muhammed's Conception of Ethics in Relation to Yours

    Why has Christianity Not Developed a Sunnah?
  31. Just What is Sunnah?
  32. Is a Christian Sunnah Possible? If nt, Then What?

    A Few Comparisons
  33. Why DOes the Muslim Object to Our Principle of Ethics
  34. Belief in Allah - Belief in the Father of our Lord
  35. Belief in Books and Prophets
  36. Belief in Predestination and Fatalism
  37. Belief in Judgement and Resurrection
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