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A Register of Missionaries, Deputations, etc. from 1796 to 1923, 4th edn.
James Sibree [1836-1929]

London: London Missionary Society, 1923. Hbk. pp.221.

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This book is in the Public Domain

James Sibree [1836-1929], A Register of Missionaries, Deputations, etc. from 1796 to 1923


  • Foreword - Edward Shillito
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Register of Missionaries 1796-1923
  • Appendix A: List of Missionaries 1796-1923
  • Appendix B: List of Missionaries' Wives, under their Maiden Names
  • Appendix C: Register of L.M.S. Deputations 1812-1923
  • Appendix D: List of Treasurers
  • Appendix E: List of Secretaries
  • Summary of Contributions made to Native Literature by Missionaries of the L.M.S.

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