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Robert Moffat: One of God's Gardeners.
Edwin W. Smith [1876-1957]

London: Church Missionary Society, 1925. Hbk. pp.251.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Missionary Society

Edwin W. Smith [1876-1957], Robert Moffat: One of God's Gardeners


Author's Preface

  1. Early Life
  2. South Africa a Century Ago
  3. The Bushmen and the Hottentots
  4. A Severe Test
  5. Builders of Hope
  6. The Bechuana
  7. Wars and Rumours of Wars
  8. Kuruman
  9. Journeyings Oft
  10. The Translator
  11. Kuruman Again
  12. A Troublous Time
  13. The Crowning Act
  14. Pioneering at Sixty-Five
  15. The Final Years

Map - South Africa in Robert Moffat's Day

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