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Seven Sevens of Years and a Jubilee. The Story of the Sudan Interior Mission
Rowland V. Bingham [1872-1942]

Toronto: Evangelical Publishers, 1943. Pbk. pp.122.

This book is in the Public Domain

Rowland V. Bingham [1872-1942], Seven Sevens of Years. The Story of the Sudan Interior Mission


  1. The Seven Years of Death and Darkness 1893 to 1900
  2. The Seven Years of Barrenness, 1900 to 1907
  3. The Third Seven Years, the Beginning of Fruitfulness, 1908 to 1914
  4. The War Years and the Beginning of a Great Harvest, 1915 to 1921
  5. Seven Years of Enlarged Vision and a Larger Call, 1922 to 1928
  6. Victory in Carrying the Gospel to the Moslems, 1929 to 1935
  7. The Eclipse in Ethiopia and Its Passing, 1936 to 1942
  8. How We Became Interdenominational
  9. Speed Up
  10. The Finished Work, the Completion of the Church's Task

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