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Alonzo Bunker [1837-1912], Sketches from the Karen Hills

New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1910. Hbk. pp.215.

This book is in the Public Domain

Alonzo Bunker [1837-1912], Sketches from the Karen Hills


  1. Exploration of Loikaw Mission
  2. Exploration Continued
  3. Founding Loikaw Mission
  4. The First Christmas in Loikaw Mission
  5. Stories of Karen Child-Life
  6. K'surdo
  7. Encounter with Wild Beasts and Serpents
  8. Story of the Yahdo Chapel
  9. Thirteen Witches
  10. Perils and Pleasures
  11. The Miracle of Senite
  12. Provindential Care
  13. The Magic Doughnut
  14. A Notable Missionary Journey
  15. The Gospel and the Savage Bercs
  16. How We Captured the Myaangyoung Pongyi

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