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Emilio Olsson
South America: The Dark Continent

New York: M.E. Munson, 1899. Hbk. pp.89.

This book is in the Public Domain

Emilio Olsson, South America: The Dark Continent


  • Introduction
  • Carrying the Bible Into the Forest
  • In Wildest South America
  • A Marvelous Continent
  • Among the Gauchos
  • Sleeping on Scorpions
  • On the Great Pampas
  • Lost in the Forest
  • The Falls of the Madeira
  • Among the Savage Tribes
  • Curious Courtship
  • Marriage in Patagonia
  • Strange Burial Ceremonies
  • The Warlike Tobas
  • Burying Aged People Alive
  • South American Dialects
  • Indians of the Amazon
  • Descendants of the Incas
  • The Gospel and South America

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