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The Syrian Church in India
George Milne Rae [1840-1917]

Book Description

The Syrian Church in India
Publication Year:
Edinburgh & London
William Blackwood and Sons
Christian Mission, India
Copyright Holder:
Public domain


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The Home of the Syrians
  2. The Migration of a Tradition
  3. St. Thomas, The Apostle of the Parthians
  4. St. Thomas, The Apostle of the Indians
  5. The First Indian Missionary
  6. Persia and India
  7. Which India?

    The Nestorian Period

  8. The Patriarchate of Babylon
  9. Three Persian Crosses
  10. The Jews of Cochin
  11. Two Copper-plate Charters
  12. The Last of the Perumals

    The Roman Empire

  13. Rome's First Work in India
  14. The Inquisition at Goa
  15. The Synod of Diamper, 1599
  16. At the Coonen Cross

    The Jacobite Period

  17. The Syrian Jacobites
  18. The English Mission to the Syrians
  19. Mar Athanasius Matthew
  20. Ten Years of Liturgation
  21. The Hope of the Future
  • Appendix
  • Index
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