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W. W. Cassels. First Bishop in Western ChinaMarshall Broomhall [1866-1937]

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Book Description

W. W. Cassels. First Bishop in Western China
Publication Year:
The China Inland Mission
Christian Mission, China Inland Mission, Bishop W.W. Cassels, Biography
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], W. W. Cassels. First Bishop in Western China


  • Tributes
  • Author's Preface
  • Landmarks
  1. Ancestry and the Home in Portugal
    • Life's landscape
    • Converging Streams
    • The Heyday of Youth
  2. Preparation and the Years in England
    • Rejoicing in the Race
    • The Call of the City
    • The Cambridge Seven
  3. Early Days in China
    • Good First
    • Among the Hills of Shansi
    • The City of Great Peace
  4. Early Years in West China
    • The Call of the West
    • The Opening of the City
    • Love Triumphant
    • Bringing Home His Bride
    • A Wise Master Builder
    • An Ardent Pioneer
    • A Lover of Order
    • Mr Horburgh's Enterprise
    • In Labours More Abundant
    • A Sorrowful Homegoing
  5. First Bishop in Western China (Before the Revolution)
    • "Love's Highway of Humility"
    • The Bishop at Work
    • The Crucible of Criticism
    • Through Fire and Water
    • A Spacious Place
    • Power to Continue
    • Some Wider Fellowships
    • Organisation and Revival
    • Like as a Father
    • The Home
  6. Bishop in Western China (The Revolution and After)
    • The Revolution
    • The New Church
    • The Hill Difficulty
    • His Last Furlough
    • A Pen Picture
    • Pressing Toward the Goal
    • His Last Journey
    • Steady in the Storm
    • At the Gates of the City
    • The Man and the Work
  • Appendices
  • Index
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