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The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, 5 Vols.
George G. Findlay [1849-1919] & W.W. Holdsworth [1859-1939]

Book Description

The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, 5 Vols.
Publication Year:
Epworth Press
Christian Mission, Wesleyan Missionary Society
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Contents Volume 1

  • Preface
  • Outline of the Work
  • Part I: Formation and Development of the Society
    • Introduction
    1. Beginnings of the Society
    2. The Framing of the Society
    3. After the Napoleonic War
    4. The Mission House
    5. The Missionary Jubilee
    6. The Waning Century
    7. Missions on Their Trial
    8. Adminstration of the Field
    9. Ebb and Flow of the Income
  • Part II: America
    1. The Birth of American Methodism
    2. The Work of Francis Asbury
    3. Beginnings in Newfoundland
    4. In Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
    5. The Maritime Provinces to 1855
    6. The Planting of Methodism in Canada
    7. Lower Canada under the British Conference
    8. Stormy Advance un Upper Canada, 1820-1840
    9. The Gospel Among the Red Men
    10. Canadian Reunion and Consolidation
  • Index

Contents Volume 2

  • Introduction
  1. Britain's Slave Colonies
  2. Thomas Coke's Work in the West Indies
  3. The Struggle in Jamaica (1) The Town
  4. The Struggle in Jamaica (2) The Country
  5. The Leeward Islands until Emancipation
  6. The WIndward and Neighbouring Islands Prior to Emacipation
  7. THe Bahamas, Bermudas, and Haiti Prioer to Emancipation
  8. The Continental Missions Prior to Emananciation
  9. Emancipation and After
  10. The Prospect Overcast
  11. The Cloudy and Dark Day
  12. The Pre-Conference Period (a)
  13. The Pre-Conference Period (b)
  14. The West Indian Conferences
  15. The Two Dissident Districts
  16. Events in Haiti

Contents Volume 3

  1. Part 1: Australia
    1. The First Planting in New South Wales
    2. Relapse and Recovery in New South Wales
    3. Early Days in Tasmania
    4. Gold and the Gospel in Victoria
    5. South and Western Australia
    6. Advance Australia!
    7. The Aborigines
  2. Part 2: New Zealand
    1. The Story of Wesleydale
    2. Replanting Among the Maoris
    3. English and Maori
  3. Part 3: Islands of the South Seas
    1. First Attempts Upon Tonga
    2. The Pentecost of Tonga
    3. The Togan Church after 1834
    4. The Societies in Samoa
    5. The Cannibal Islands
    6. Hunt, Calvert, and Lyth
    7. The Victory of Christ in Fiji

Contents Volume 4

  • Preface
  • Part I: The Women's Auxiliary
    1. The Birth of the Women's Auxiliary
    2. The Growth of the Women's Auxiliary
  • Part II: Missions in West Africa
    1. Sierra Leone
    2. The Gambia District
    3. The Gold Coast
    4. The Lagos District
  • Part III: South Africa, The Transvaal, and Rhodesia
    1. The Trek of the Church
    2. The Outspan
    3. The City that hath Foundations
      • The Transvaal
        1. Treasure Hid in a Field
        2. The Proof of Faith more Precious than Gold
      • Rhodesia
        1. The Foolishness of the Preaching
        2. The Power of God, and the Wisdom of God
  • Part IV: Missions in Europe
    1. The Earlier Missions
    2. The Iberian Peninsula
    3. France and Switzerland
    4. Germany and Austria
    5. Italy

Contents Volume 5

  • Part I: Methodist Missions in Ceylon
    1. The Tamil District—North Ceylon
    2. The Sinhalese District—South Ceylon
  • Part II: Methodist Missions in India
    1. The Historical Background
    2. The Weapons of our Warfare
    3. The First Advance
    4. Parables of the Kingdom of God
      1. THe Madras District: 'The Sower'
      2. The Negapatamand Trichinopoly District: 'The Draw-net'
      3. The Mysore District: 'The Leaven'
      4. The Haidarabad District: 'The Good Samaritan'
      5. THe Bengal District: 'The Seed Growing Secretly'
      6. The Lucknow and Benares District: 'The Marriage of the King's Son'
      7. The Bombay and Panjab District: 'The Pearl of Great Price'
      8. The Burma Distrixt: 'The Mustard Seed'
    5. Mass Movements
  • Part III: Methodist Missions in China
    1. Prolegonema
    2. Canton: A Barred Entrance
    3. Wuchang: Love's Embassy
    4. Hunan: The Barriers Down at Last
    5. Medical Missionary Work in China
    6. Missionary Educational Work in China
    7. The Layman's Mission
  • Chronological Table of Events
  • Index
  • Corrigenda in Preceding Volumes
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