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The Life of William Carey, D.D. Shoemaker and Missionary, 2nd edn.
George Smith [1833-1919]

London: John Murray, 1887. Hbk. pp.389.

This book is in the Public Domain

George Smith [1833-1919], The Life of William Carey, D.D. Shoemaker and Missionary



Preface to Second Edition

  1. Carey's College
  2. The Birth of England's Foreign Missions
  3. India as Catrey Found It
  4. Six Years in North Bengal - Missionary and Indigo Planter
  5. The New Crusade - Serampore and the Brotherhood
  6. The First Native Converts and Christian Schools
  7. Calcutta and the Mission Centres From Delhi to Amboyna
  8. Carey's Family and Friends
  9. Professor of Sanskrit, Bengali and Marathi
  10. The Wiclif of the East - Bible Translation
  11. What Carey Did For Literature and For Humanity
  12. What Carey Did For Science - Founder of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India
  13. Carey's Immediate Influence in Great Britain amd America
  14. Carey as an Educator - The First Christian College in the East
  15. Carey's Last Days


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