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A Study of World Evangelisation
David Jenks [1866-1935]

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Book Description

A Study of World Evangelisation
Publication Year:
Student Christian Movement
Christian Mission, Church history
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
William Paton [1886-1943], Alexander Duff. Pioneer of Missionary Education


  • Preface
  1. The First Three Centuries
  2. The Decay of the Roman Empire
  3. Christian Monasticism
  4. Eangelisation mainly outside the Roman Empire (fourth to seventh century)
  5. The Conversion of the British Isles
  6. The Rise of Mohammedanism
  7. The Conversion of Central Europe
  8. The Crusades
  9. Evangelisation from the Ninth Century
  10. The New World
  11. The early Jesuit Missions
  12. The Struggle for the New World (first phase)
  13. North America and the French Missions
  14. The Struggle for the New World (second phase)
  15. The Beginning of Protestant Missions
  16. The Present Time
  17. The Modern Evangelisation of India
  18. Africa
  19. The Far East
  20. The Islands of the Pacific
  21. The Mohammedan World
  22. The Measure of the Task
  • Notes
  • A Short List of Dates
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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