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Yarns of the Near East, 2nd edn.
Basil Matthews [1879-1951]

London: Church Missionary Society, 1922. Pbk. pp.80.

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Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Missionary Society

Basil Mathews [1879-1951], Yarns of the Near East, 2nd edn.


The Land and the Peoples

  1. The Hero of the Long Trail - St. Paul
  2. The Prophet of the Scimitar - Mohammed
  3. Sons of the Desert - Abdallah and Sabat
  4. A Race Against Time - Henry Martyn
  5. A Florence Nightingale of Today - E.D. Cushman
  6. The Friend of the Wild Arab - Archibald Forder (1)
  7. Alone in the Desert - Archibald Forder (2)

Map of the Near East

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