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Anthony Norris Groves [1795-1853]

Area of Ministry:

India | Iraq

Primary Works

  Anthony Norris Groves [1795-1853], Christian Devotedness: or, 'The consideration of Our Saviour's precept, 'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth'. London: James Nisbet, 1829. pp.72.

Secondary Works

On-line Resource Robert Bernard Dann, The Legacy of Anthony Norris Groves," International Bulletin of Missionary Research 29.4 (Oct. 2005): 198-202.
Article in Journal or Book Moreau: Evangelical Dictionary of Christian MissionsPaul R. Dekar, "Groves, Anthony Norris," A. Scott Moreau, ed., Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Missions. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000. Hbk. ISBN: 0801020743. p.417.
On-line Resource Esthme Ethelind Enock [1874-1947], Twelve Mighty MissionariesEsthme Ethelind Enock [1874-1947], Twelve Mighty Missionaries. London: Pickering & Inglis, Ltd., 1936. Hbk. pp.31-37. View in PDF format pdf [This material is in the Public Domain]
Book or monograph Harriet, Groves, Memoir of A.N. Groves, containing extracts from his letters and journals, by his widow. London, 1856.
Book or monograph George Henry Lang [1874-1958], Anthony Norris Groves, saint and pioneer: a combined study of a man of God and of the original principles of the Brethren, with applications to present conditions, 2nd edn. London: Paternoster Press, 1949. pp.350.
Article in Journal or Book Gerald H. Anderson, ed., Biographical Dictionary of Christian MissionsHarold Rowdon, "Groves, A(nthony) N(orris), " Gerald H. Anderson, ed., Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. Grand Rapids, MI: Cambridge, UK: Eerdmans, 1988. Pbk. ISBN: 0802846807. pp.264-265.
Book or monograph W.T. Stunt et al, Turning the world upside down: a century of missionary endeavour / a record. Eastbourne: Upperton Press [for] Echoes of Service, 1972. pp.15-31.
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