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David Jones (July 1796 – 1 May 1841)

Area of Ministry:


Primary Works

Book or monograph "Abstract of a Journey of Mr. David Jones, Missionary at Madagascar, Containing a Brief Account of his Journey to the Capital of Radama, &c.," Transactions of the London Missionary Society (October 1821).

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Secondary Works

Online Video Resource - Usually Vimeo or YouTube The Life of David Jones
Article in Journal or Book William Edward Cousins, David Jones: The Pioneer of Protestant Missions in Madagascar. London: London Missionary Society, c.1908.
Book or monograph Ernest Henry Hayes [1881-?], David Jones: Dauntless Pioneer: An Epic Story of Heroic Endeavour in Madagascar. London: The Livingstone Press, 1923. Hbk. pp.127.
Book or monograph Ernest Henry Hayes, David Jones: Founder of the Church in Madagascar. London: Capsey, 1933.
Book or monograph Joyce Reason, Storm over Madagascar: David Jones. London: Carrgate Press, 1937.

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