1860 Liverpool Conference on Missions

The Secretaries of the Conference, eds., Conference on Missions Held in 1860 at LiverpoolThe full text of the 1860 Conference on World Missions considered the following subjects in detail:

  • European Missionaries Abroad
  • Missionaries and their Plans
  • On the best Means of exciting and maintaining a Missionary Spirit
  • Medical Missions in China
  • Missionary Education
  • Means of calling forth Home Liberality
  • Peshwaur Mission
  • Missions in South Africa
  • Native Agency
  • Candidates for Missionary Work
  • Means of obtaining well-qualified Missionaries
  • Indian Converts in the Mutiny
  • Missions in Turkey
  • Female Education in the East
  • Medical Missions in China and Japan
  • Native Churches
  • The Mutiny in India
  • Results of Modern Missions
  • Conferences on Missions
  • Training of Native Agents

My thanks to the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide for making available a copy of this book for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

The Secretaries of the Conference, eds., Conference on Missions Held in 1860 at Liverpool: Including the Papers Read, the Diliberations, and the Conclusions Reached; with a Comprehensive Index shewing the Various Matters Brought Under Review. London: James Nisbet & Co., 1860. Hbk. pp.428. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


The Conference on Christian Missions, the proceedings of which are described in the following pages, originated in a desire. to have brethren brought together, who had reflected on the duty and the lukewarmness of the churches in respect of Our Grand Commission; or who could contribute actual experiences; in order that, by their mutual consultations, all Christians of the United Kingdom might be stirred up to greater zeal, and to a more complete consecration of time, of effort, and of substance, in this work of the Lord.

In God’s good providence facilities were presented, and readily embraced by a number of the officers and members of Missionary Committees in London and Edinburgh; who felt that. after the many years of continuous missionary labour carried on in heathen lands; after the solid advance attained in some fields, and the great experience acquired in all, it would be well for the Directors, Secretaries, and Missionaries of all Societies and Churches, to obtain an opportunity of meeting together and conferring together about their common work. [Continue reading]

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