Arthur H. Smith’s The Uplift of China – Various editions

The Uplift of ChinaThe Uplift of China was produced in various denominational editions. Redcliffe College have kindly passed three of these on to me for digitisation. I have made available the Church Missionary Society (Anglican) and the 1914 revised edition. The first two are virtually identical except for the last chapter and the revised edition has no photographs.

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Preface to British Edition

The remarkable success which has attended the text-books for missionary study issued by the Young People’s Missionary Movement of America, together with the fact that its committee had secured for the next course of study a book from the pen of Dr. A. H. Smith, one of the ablest writers upon China, created a desire in the minds of those engaged in promoting similar study on this side of the Atlantic to obtain this textbook for use in Great Britain.

At the same time a variety of reasons made a separate British edition desirable. It was obvious that in certain places, especially where comparisons were made between the East and the West, the author had American readers more particularly in view, and emphasis was sometimes laid upon methods and incidents which would be of more interest to students in America than to those in this country….

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