Short History of the Church Missionary Society

Eugene Stock [1836-1928], One Hundred Years. Being the Short History of the Church Missionary SocietyIf you are looking for a history of the first century of the Church Missionary Society but don’t have time to read Eugene Stock’s massive four volume work, this slim volume will be of help to you. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making this book available for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

Eugene Stock [1836-1928], One Hundred Years. Being the Short History of the Church Missionary Society. London: Church Missionary Society, 1899. Hbk. pp.188. [Click to visit the downlaod page]


  • Preface
  1. One Hundred Years Ago
  2. Ninety Years Ago (1800-1809)
  3. Eighty Years Ago (1809-1819)
  4. Seventy Years Ago (1819-1829)
  5. Sixty Years Ago (1829-1839)
  6. Fifty Years Ago (1839-1849)
  7. Forty Years Ago (1849-1859)
  8. Thirty Years Ago (1859-1869)
  9. Twenty Years Ago (1869-1879)
  10. Ten Years Ago (1879-1889)
  11. The Last Ten Years (1889-1898)
  12. The Last Ten Years (Continued)
  13. Conclusion
  • Chronological Table
  • Index of Persons and Places


This little book has been written for publication in advance of the complete· History of the Church Missionary Society. The greater part of it consists of a very brief summary of some of the facts given in the larger work; and here and there sentences and paragraphs are actually reproduced from the still unpublished volumes. But part of Chapter IX., and Chapters X. and XI., have had to be written before the corresponding portions of the complete History. To many of the most · important parts of the complete History, however, there is nothing corresponding in these pages. For the History dwells at some length upon the environment of the Society at different periods in the century, that is to say, upon the state of the Church of England at home, noticing various religious movements, developments, and controversies, and introducing such men as Bishops Blomfield and Wilberforce, Archbishops Tait and Benson, Lords Shaftesbury and Cairns, Sir Arthur Blackwood and Mr. Pennefather, Bishop Ryle and Canon Hoare….

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