Count Zindendorf
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Biography of Nicholas Louis Zinzendorf – the Banished Count

Zinzendorf preaching to people from many nations
Zinzendorf preaching to people from many nations [Source: Wikipedia]

Today’s free book is a biography of the key figure in the history of Moravian Missions, Count Nicholas Louis Zinzendorf. This public domain title was digitised from a copy provided by Book Aid.

Félix Bovet [1824-1903], The Banished Count, or, The Life of Nicholas Louis Zinzendorf. From the French of Félix Bovet by John Gill. London: James Nisbet, 1865. Hbk. pp.314. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Early Days
  2. Halls and Wittenberg
  3. Residence in Paris
  4. A Singular Episode
  5. Zinzendorf and Statesman and a Husband
  6. The Foundation of Herrnhut
  7. First Experiences in the Colony
  8. Zinzendorf Retired from Court
  9. Home Work
  10. Opposition
  11. Visit to Denmark
  12. Missions to the Negroes
  13. Dealing with Emigrants
  14. Examination in Theology
  15. Travels in Denmark, Holland and Prussia
  16. Zinzendorf in England
  17. Excitement in Berlin
  18. Westward to the Rescue
  19. Correspondence with the King of Prussia
  20. The Church in Council
  21. The Pennsylvanians
  22. The Countess and the Children
  23. The Count’s Ideas of Unity
  24. Passing Clouds
  25. The Focus in London
  26. The Evening
  • Appendix

You can find more material on Count Zinzendorf here and on Moravian Missions here.

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