With the C.M.S. in West Africa by P.L. Garlick

Phyllis L. Garlick, With the C.M.S. in West Africa.By kind permission of the Church Missionary Society, the following book on mission work in Nigeria and Niger available on-line for free download.

Phyllis L. Garlick, With the C.M.S. in West Africa. A Study in Partnership. London: Church Missionary Society, 1935. Hbk. pp.80. Download in PDF.


1 – The First Furrow
2 – Sierra Leone: Keeping Step
3 – The Yoruba Country: Fruit of the Field
4 – Northern Nigeria: Tilling Hard Ground
5 – The Niger Diocese: In Harness Together
6 – The Adventure of Working with God


Have we the imagination to grasp the big thing that the C.M.S. has done in West Africa? If so this book will grip us from start to finish. Here is the account of a mission field less than a century old which has given from its African people no less than six bishops to the Church. Here slavery once flourished and an African had but a slave-market value, while to-day we think in terms of trusteeship, partnership, and educational developments. The Dark Continent has become a land of promise and its people once fettered are free. The share the C.M.S. has ha in this transformation is set before us vividly in this book and it has been no small share.

West Africa was the first Mission of the Society. For a long period the C.M.S. was the only Anglican society on the west coast. To-day, when others are taking their share in West African evangelization, it is still true to say that by far the larger proportion of the Church’s work is carried by the C.M.S. A mixed community of slaves has become a Church, a people who once were cannibals are leading the way in African evangelism. To-day Sierra Leone and Nigeria have a self-supporting and self-governing Church which raises annually for church purposes some £73,000. Facts like these speak for themselves and the C.M.S. is proud of its partnership with its African brothers in the unfinished task in Africa. [Continue reading]

W. Wilson Cash

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