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Persia Old and New by W. Wilson CashAs I am writing Iran (formerly Persia) ranks #6 on my online poll, but I have a further reason for putting this book online. The publisher, the Church Missionary Society, has granted me permission to digitise a number of their books from the 1930s. Most of these are about work in Muslim countries, so I have decided to work on this batch first so that I can send the CMS archivist a complete list of links to the books. My thanks to the CMS for their kind permission.

W. Wilson Cash, Persia Old and New. London: Church Missionary Society, 1930. Pbk. pp.72. [Click to download in PDF.]


1 – The Coming of a New Day
2 – Religious Movements in Persia
3 – Some of the Pioneers
4 – How the Church Grows
5 – The Coming of the King
6 – In Martyn’s Steps
7 – The Building of a Persian Church
8 – Towards the One Church

A Blue-tiled Mosque from Soh, near Isfaham


It was my happy experience to visit Persia in April and May, 1928. My tour carried me over 5000 miles by motor car, and I visited all the C.M.S. centres of work, as well as several stations of the American Presbyterian Mission. I was entertained by British, Americans, and Persians, and to my many kind hosts and hostesses I would express again my grateful thanks.

The work I saw in this C. M.S. field filled me with admiration for that splendid band of missionaries, old and young, who to-day are the worthy successors of those who laid the foundation upon which they build. I was much impressed by the thoroughness of the work; by the efficiency of schools and hospitals; by the initiative that is being shown in breaking new ground and adapting methods to changing conditions of life in Persia ; by the desire I found on all hands to make the Church the centre of all activity, and to accord to it that right of control that alone will enable it to grow strong and. free ; but most of all was I impressed by the spirit of prayer and devotion that lay behind every effort. “Pray one for another” is a command that finds a literal obedience m the Persia Mission. Every one prays for every one else, and all the converts of the Church from the time of their first inquiry are regularly remembered in prayer by the whole Church. [Continue reading]

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