Can Africa Be Won by William Roome

William John Waterman Roome [1865-1937], Can Africa Be Won?

This book has one purpose.

To reveal something of the Wonderlands of Africa, the conditions of the People, the extent and problems of Africa’s Evangelisation, the life of its Missionaries, so that Home Christians may see, know and feel what their Representatives in the Advance Line of the Kingdom of God have to face.

Also, it is hoped some consideration as to ways and means, the personnel, and possibilities of the future may help to hasten the day where every Ethiopian’s outstretched hands shall be grasped in loving and intelligent sympathy.

Foreword, page ix

My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available digitisation.

William John Waterman Roome [1865-1937], Can Africa Be Won? London: A & C Black, 1927. Hbk. pp.216. [Click to visit the download page]


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  1. The Romance of Africa
  2. Heathenism in Africa
  3. Tribalism in Africa
  4. Racialism in Africa
  5. Islam in Africa
  6. Commerce in Africa
  7. Administration in Africa
  8. The Redemption of Africa
  9. A Scheme in Equatorial Africa
  • Epilogue. The Story is Told!
  • Appendix. Population, Tribal and Religious Census of Africa

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