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Missionary Knights of the Cross

John C. Lambert [1857-1917], Missionary Knights of the Cross.

This is a collection of short biographies of missionaries, some relatively unknown today, written to inspire boys and girls. This copy was kindly provided for digitisation by Redcliffe College. and is in the public domain.

John C. Lambert [1857-1917], Missionary Knights of the Cross. Stories of the Indomitable Courage and Stirring Adventures of Missionaries with Uncivilised Man, Wild Beasts and the Forces of Nature in Many Parts of the World. London: Seeley, Service & Co. Ltd., 1930. Hbk. pp.213. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Prefatory Note
  • Introduction
  1. In the Steppes and Deserts of Mongolia [James Gilmour]
  2. In the Country of the Telugas [Jacob Camberlain]
  3. A Japanese Romance [Joseph Neesima]
  4. From Far Formosa [George Mackay]
  5. A Heroine of Tibet [Annie Royle Taylor]
  6. “The Saviour of Liao-Yang” [Dr Westwater]
  7. The Hero of Uganda [Alexander Mackay]
  8. The Lion-Hearted Bishop [James Hannington]
  9. Pioneers in Nyasaland
  10. Vortrekkers in Barotseland [François Coillard]
  11. A Pioneer Garenganze [Fred S. Arnot]
  12. A Tramp Through the Great Pygmy Forest [A.B. Lloyd]
  13. Among the Indians and Eskimo of Hudson Bay [John Horden]
  14. The “Praying-Master” of the Redskins [James Evans]

I have provided links for most of the missionaries listed to their bibliography pages within the main website which provide further information on each of them.

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  1. Just to say that I am 74 and still a busy missionary to the people in rural UK. My life’s work was largely inspired by missionary biographies that used to be presented as Sunday School prizes and presents. I hope this is having a similar affect.

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