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Mrs Howard Taylor by Joy Guinness

Mrs Geraldine Taylor

Mary Geraldine Guinness was the daughter Henry Grattan Guinness, the founder of both the Regions Beyond Missionary Union and the training College known today as Cliff College. She married Frederick Howard Taylor, son of the founder of the China Inland Mission, James Hudson Taylor.

This biography of Geraldine Taylor is still in copyright and is reproduced by kind permission of the OMF International-UK. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this book for digitisation.

Joy Guinness, Mrs Howard Taylor. Her Web of Time, 2nd edn. London: China Inland Mission, 1950. Hbk. pp.369. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword by Amy Carmichael
  • Introductory
  1. Earthly Fathers We All Had
  2. And the Child… Grew
  3. Do This, and He Doeth it
  4. And the Child… Grew on
  5. Her First Avowed Intent
  6. Gentle in the Midst of You
  7. Clay in the Potter’s Hands
  8. Amd the Word of the Lord Came
  9. She Heard His Word
  10. All’s Clear Now, All’s Clear
  11. The Regions Beyond
  12. Goeth Forth and Weepeth
  13. Wisely Rekindled
  14. Rivers Flowing
  15. Together
  16. In Journeyings
  17. In Labours
  18. In Honan… In Christ
  19. In Stripes
  20. Changes
  21. He Workesth Still
  22. All Things— To Enjoy
  23. Careful in His Presence
  24. The Growth of a Book
  25. The Lord Gave, the Lord Hath Taken Away
  26. Not Quickened, Except it Die
  27. Littles Ones to Him Belong
  28. Not Ashamed
  29. Held as Hostage
  30. Life… is Energy of Love
  31. Australia
  32. Wine Poured Forth
  33. In America—For China
  34. Plenteous Grace
  35. Fortitude
  36. Another Shall Gird Thee
  37. The House of Stephanas
  38. The Best is Yet to Be
  • Postscriptium

Works by Geraldine Taylor can be found here.

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