Life and Labours of Carey, Marshman & Ward

John Clark Marshman [1794-1877], The Story of the Lives of Carey, Marshman & WardThe work of the three Serampore missionaries, William Carey [1791-1834], Joseph Marshman [1768-1837] and William Ward [1769-1823], spearheaded a new era of missionary enterprise. This biography by Marshman’s son provides an overview of their work. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of this book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

John Clark Marshman [1794-1877], The Story of the Lives of Carey, Marshman & Ward. London: Alexander Straham & Co., 1864. Hbk. pp.391. [Download complete book in PDF]


The interest excited by the publication of the “Life and Times of the Serampore Missionaries,” the pioneers of Christian civilisation in Hindostan, has led to an inquiry for a Popular Edition, which should put the narrative of their exertions within the reach of a larger class of readers. The present volume is, there-fore, an abridgment of the former edition, with the omission of those historical notices which were in-tended to illustrate the times and the scenes in which they acted. Having, moreover, placed on record the vindication of their character from the aspersions cast on it during the melancholy controversy in which they found themselves involved, I am enabled, with a feeling of no ordinary satisfaction, to omit all its details, and to present a simple memorial of their exemplary life and arduous labours in the cause of Christian truth. [Continue reading]

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