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These Seventy Years: Autobiography of Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis served with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in Africa in the areas known today as Cameroon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this pulic domain book available for digitisation. Thomas Lewis [1859-1929], These Seventy Years. An Autobiography. London: The Carey Press, 1930….

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Garenganze – or Seven Years Pioneer Mission Work in Central Africa

Frederick Stanley Arnot [1858-1914] is remembered for his pioneering missionary work in Angola, Zambia, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo among the Garenganze people. He also did much during his furloughs in England both to recruit new workers and to ensure their support. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy…

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Flaming Torch in Darkest Africa by Bishop William Taylor

William Taylor [1821-1902] was missionary bishop of Africa from 1884 to 1896. This book attempts to provide a history of Africa from earliest times until the end of the Nineteenth Century. It includes a description of the exploratory work of David Livingstone, native religions and the progress of missionary work in the Nineteenth Century. There…