Alfred Saker – a Biography by E B Underhill

Alfred Saker – a Biography by E B Underhill

Today’s free book is a biography of Baptist missionary to Cameroon, Alfred Saker. This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library. Edward Bean Underhill [1813-1901], Alfred Saker. Missionary Africa. A Biography. London: The Carey Kingsgate Press, 1884, 1958. Hbk. pp.168. [Click here to visit the download page for this…

These Seventy Years: Autobiography of Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis served with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in Africa in the areas known today as Cameroon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this pulic domain book available for digitisation. Thomas Lewis [1859-1929], These Seventy Years. An Autobiography. London: The Carey Press, 1930….

Life of George Grenfell: Congo Missionary and Pioneer

This is a detailed and well-illustrated biography of the George Grenfell, pioneer missionary to the Congo. The endpiece is an extremely detailed map of Equatorial West Africa. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation. George Hawker [1857-1932], The Life of George Grenfell. London: The Religious…

George Grenfell of the Congo

George Grenfell [1849-1906] was a Baptist missionary who worked with Alfred Saker [1814-1880] in the Cameroon and later went on to explore the Congo region. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain. Shirley J. Dickens, Grenfell of the Congo….