George Grenfell of the Congo

Shirley J. Dickens, Grenfell of the Congo. Pioneer Missionary and Explorer.George Grenfell [1849-1906] was a Baptist missionary who worked with Alfred Saker [1814-1880] in the Cameroon and later went on to explore the Congo region. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Shirley J. Dickens, Grenfell of the Congo. Pioneer Missionary and Explorer. London: The Sunday School Union, [1910]. Hbk. pp.126. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. Early Years
  2. In Training For the Mission Field
  3. At the Cameroons
  4. Service and Sacrifice
  5. Pioneering on the Congo
  6. The Peace
  7. Into the Interior
  8. Difficulty, Delay, and Disaster
  9. Cloud and Sunshine
  10. In the Service of the State
  11. Pushing Forward
  12. A Well-Earned Furlough
  13. State Opposition
  14. The Reward of it All
  15. The Man and His Work

Prefatory Note

The purpose of this little book is not only to present to its readers an interesting account of George Grenfell’s life and work, that they may learn to honour one of the heroes of the mission field; but, by simple narrative, to place the missionary appeal before them in such a form that they may gain a deeper insight into the meaning of the Great Commission, and may possibly hear and respond to the same call which led George Grenfell out to service and sacrifice in the dark places of Africa.

I gladly acknowledge my great indebtedness to Grenfell’s colleague, the Rev. Lawson Forfeitt, for the special information with which he has kindly provided me, and for the revision of the MS.; and to the Baptist Missionary Society for permission to use the accompanying illustrations. [Continue reading]

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