Mary Slessor The Dundee Factory Girl by J.J. Ellis

The story of Mary Mitchell Slessor’s [1848-1915] work in Calabar, Nigeria was truly remarkable, as Andrew C. Ross notes in the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. [p.624.]: Her life is an example of Christian inculturation, but regrettably it was trivialized by a romantic “white queen of Okoyong” attitude toward her in Britain. J.J. Ellis [1853-?], Mary Slessor….

Mary Slessor by Cuthbert McEvoy

Mary Slessor was recently featured in an on-line list of  six inspiring Christian missionaries, so I thought I would take a brief break from uploading CMS books to include this slim volume: Cuthbert McEvoy [1870-1944], Mary Slessor, 6th edn. London: The Carey Press, n.d. Pbk. pp.63. Click to download complete book in PDF. Mary Slessor served…