Missionary Crusaders by Claud Field

Claud Field [1863-1941], Missionary Crusaders

A collection of 18 short biographies of missionaries from around the world, presumably intended to inspire children. These include John Eliot, David Brainerd, Robert Moffat, David Livingstone, Christian Schwartz and Adoniram Judson. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this public domain title for digitisation.

Claud Field [1863-1941], Missionary Crusaders. Stories of the Dauntless Courage and Remarkable Adventures Which Missionaries Have Had Whilst Carrying Out Their Duties in Many Parts of the World. London: Seeley, Service & Co. Ltd., 1930. Hbk. pp.221. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. John Eliot, the Apostle to the Red Indians
  2. The Captive of the Iroquois
  3. David Brainerd Among the Redskins
  4. Hans Egede in Greenland
  5. Sixty Years Among the Red indians
  6. William Duncan at Metlahkatlah
  7. In the Highlands of Tibet
  8. Among West Indian Slaves
  9. In the Forest of Dutch Guiana
  10. The Champion of the Hottentots
  11. Robert Moffat and the Bechuanas
  12. From Slave to Bishop
  13. The Martyrs of Madagascar
  14. Livingstone’s Early Explorations
  15. Schwartz in South India
  16. At the Mercy of an Egyptian Pasha
  17. Dr. Judson in Burmah
  18. Dr. Wolff in Central Asia

Life Stories of Robert Moffatt and Dan Crawford

James Joseph Ellis [1853-?], Pioneers in African Wilds. The Life Stories of Robert Moffatt and Dan CrawfordThis book contains a brief account of the lives of two significant missionaries to Africa: Robert Moffatt and Dan Crawford. It appeared as part of a series called “Men and Women Who Have Moved the World” published by Pickering & Inglis. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

James Joseph Ellis [1853-?], Pioneers in African Wilds. The Life Stories of Robert Moffatt and Dan Crawford. London: Pickering & Inglis, [1935]. Hbk. pp.96. [Click to download the complete book in PDF]


Robert Moffatt. The South African Pioneer

  1. The Scot’s Laddie
  2. The Errand Boy
  3. The Tame Man
  4. The King of Spades
  5. The Sower
  6. The Finished Task
  7. The Aged Worker
  8. The Accepter of God

Dan Crawford. The Central African Mission

  • Preface
  1. The Boatman’s Child
  2. A Novel Apprenticeship
  3. A Venture of Faith
  4. An Untrammelled Start
  5. Mushidi, an African Napoleon
  6. The Wheels of God
  7. The Aftermath of Strife
  8. A Pioneer Prospector
  9. The Village on the Lakeside
  10. Out of the Long Grass

Robert Moffatt: Chapter 1: The Laddie Who Kept His Promise

How fair the Firth of Forth shines in the morning sun; like a sheet of pure silver, shot with purple and gold! Yonder, too, is Queensferry. Rest your blue bundle upon my parcels; we have still time for a crack, mother dear.”

The speaker was a tall, slender youth, with dark hair, and eyes of the same hue, singularly handsome in their liquid pathos. A broad high forehead, slightly shaded by scanty black hair, gave promise of considerable intellectual power; a large full nose above a mouth whose lips uncovered by moustache or beard, were tremulous with kindly humour and suppressed feeling. Altogether a face sweetly winning by its suggestions of sleeping smiles and ready sympathy. Evidently a youth to be trusted and loved. “Aye, laddie, ‘Kindness creeps where it daurna gang,’ says the proverb. ‘Tis but little I  can do now; but, oh, it goes sore to my heart that ye must go south. England is a  bonny place, but it is like rending the flesh from my bones to see ye depart. ‘Tis the Lord’s will, and must be accepted.” [Continue reading]

Life and Labours of Robert Moffat by William Walters

Another biography of Robert Moffat to add to the resources listed here. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the Public Domain.

William Walters, Life and Labours of Robert Moffatt William Walters, Life and Labours of Robert Moffatt. London: Walter Scott, Ltd., 1882. Hbk. pp.336. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. First Christian Missions to South Africa – Moravians – Dr. Vanderkemp
  2. Moffat’s Immediate Predecessors – Condition of the Bushmen
  3. Moffat’s Early Life – Call to Mission Work – Consecration
  4. The Missionary’s Designation – Departure – Entrance on Work – Dutch Farmers
  5. Residence at Africaner’s Kraal – Discomfort and Loneliness
  6. Travelling in the Interior – Lions – Thirst–Riding on Oxen
  7. Scenes in Namaqua Land – Cruelty to the Aged – Mode of Living
  8. Visit to Griqua Town – Crow and Tortoise – The Orange River – Poisoned Water
  9. History and Character of Africaner – Africaner and the Dutch Farmer – Africaner at Cape Town – His Death
  10. The Bechuana Mission – Moffat’s Marriage – Bechuana Tribes and Customs
  11. Increased Dangers at Lithako – The Rain-maker – Moffat’s Courage
  12. Invasion of the Manlatees – Kuruman Fountain – Visit to Cape Town
  13. Moffat’s Visit to the Chief Makaba – Mrs. Moffat’s Danger and Deliverance
  14. First Years at Kuruman – Locusts – Visit to the Barolongs – Formation of Native Church
  15. Kuruman under the Influence of the Gospel – Houses and Gardens – Sunday at Kuruman – Successes
  16. Moselekatse and the Matabele – Moffat’s Visit to Moselekatse – Houses in Trees – Ruined Villages
  17. Varied Experiences – Visit to Cape Town – Mamonyatsi – Moshen – A Singing Class
  18. Translations and the Printing Press – Influence of the Bible
  19. Visit to England – Return to Africa – Encouragement
  20. Sechele, Chief of the Bakwena – Kolobeng – Liteyana
  21. Second and Third Visits to Moselekatse – Supplies for Livingstone – Liberation of Macheng
  22. Matabele and Makololo Mission – Missionaries Settle among the Matabele – Dreadful Disaster to Mr. and Mrs. Helmore and Family – Mr. Price’s Calamity
  23. Changes at Kuruman – Bereavements – The Station Visited by Drought – John Moffat assists his Father – Moffat’s Influence
  24. Retirement from the Mission Field – Port Elizabeth – Cape Town – Welcome Home
  25. Fruitful and Honourable Age – Enthusiastic Reception in Exeter Hall – Testimonial from Friends – Speeches – Magazine Papers
  26. Elements of Character – Philanthropy – Courage – Spirit of Adventure – Adaptation to Circumstances – Comprehensive View of his Work – Mechanical Ingenuity – Perseverance – Love for the People – Devotion to Christ
  27. Other African Missions: Wesleyan – Free Church of Scotland – Paris Society – Rhenish Society – Berlin Society – American Board – Society of Friends – Moravians – Universities’ Mission – Baptist – Basle – United Methodist Free Church – Missions in Egypt and Central Africa
  28. General Survey of Missions throughout the World – Progress of Christianity: India, China, Japan, Burmah, Polynesia, Madagascar, New Hebrides, New Guinea, West Indies, Ottoman Empire, Indian Archipelago – Testimonies of Travellers – Faith in Missions

Robert Moffat One of God’s Gardeners

Edwin W. Smith [1876-1957], Robert Moffat: One of God's GardenersRobert Moffat [1795-1883] was a Scottish Pioneer missionary in South Africa. Edwin Smith’s biography on one the standard biographies, which I am able to upload thanks to the kind permission of the Church Missionary Society.

Edwin W. Smith [1876-1957], Robert Moffat: One of God’s Gardeners. London: Church Missionary Society, 1925. Hbk. pp.251. [Click to download in PDF]


Author’s Preface

  1. Early Life
  2. South Africa a Century Ago
  3. The Bushmen and the Hottentots
  4. A Severe Test
  5. Builders of Hope
  6. The Bechuana
  7. Wars and Rumours of Wars
  8. Kuruman
  9. Journeyings Oft
  10. The Translator
  11. Kuruman Again
  12. A Troublous Time
  13. The Crowning Act
  14. Pioneering at Sixty-Five
  15. The Final Years

Map – South Africa in Robert Moffat’s Day

Author’s Preface

MY object throughout this volume has been to place Moffat in the historical and ethnological setting of South Africa-a country that has changed so much during the last hundred years that it is difficult for the present generation to realize the conditions under which he worked. For the facts of Moffat’s life I have relied chiefly upon his own book, Missionary Labours and Scenes in South Africa (published in 1842), and the biography by his son, the late Rev. J. S. Moffat. Much information has been gathered from the works of the early travellers, some of which are named in footnotes, I would express my gratitude to the London Missionary Society, which gracefully placed its records at my disposal ; and to the Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society who allow me to use letters which have never before (so far as I am aware) been printed. My best thanks are also due to the Rev. J. Tom Brown, late of Kuruman, who most generously allowed me to read, and make use of, his manuscript on the history and customs of the Bechuana, which I hope will before long be published. My own experiences as a pioneer missionary in South Central Africa, and a visit I made to Kuruman in 1912, have helped me considerably in appreciating Moffat’s work. [Click to continue reading]