Henry Martyn of India and Persia by Jesse Page

Jesse Page, Henry Martyn of India and PersiaHenry Martyn [1781-1812] was an English missionary who served as a Chaplain to the East India Company. He is remembered for his translations of the Bible into Urdu and Farsi and for his courage, selflessness and commitment to Christ. The Henry Martyn Library established in his memory is now the Cambridge Centre For Christianity Worldwide. In this book, kindly provided for digitisation by Redcliffe College, the author laments that Martyn was not as well known [in the 1890’s when the book was written] than he deserved. He hoped that this biography would serve to correct that deficiency.

It is very likely that the book is now in the public domain, but I have been unable to establish a definitive date of death for Jesse Page. If anyone has further information about the rights, please contact me.

Jesse Page, Henry Martyn of India and Persia. London: Pickering & Inglis, [1930]. Hbk. pp.179. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. The Young Cambridge Student
  2. The Choice Made
  3. Outward Bound
  4. India For Christ
  5. Facing the Enemy
  6. The Lonely Pilgrim
  7. Translating the Scriptures
  8. Farewell to India
  9. The Mission to Persia
  10. The Journey’s End
  11. The Man Himself
  12. Farewell


Strange it may seem, in an age when missionary interest is at flood-tide, and the heroisms of the field of God are being recognised on every hand, Henry Martyn is comparatively unknown.

On the horizon of the twentieth century he is dimly discerned, a luminous shadow far away, but felt to be that of one who was brave, and good, and suffering, who toiled his life away for others, and died in almost tragic solitude, friendless and alone. But distance weakens the true influence of a man, though it may glorify his memory; therefore, I have made the endeavour in the pages of this book to correct the focus of vision, and bring Henry Martyn, if possible, a little nearer to us in clear and vivid outline, instinct with reality and life.

His story shines with a glory not of this world. Its light is reflected from the Cross of Christ. [Continue reading]

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