Presbyterian Missions in India, China and Singapore (1934-36)

This short booklet is a report on the progress of British Presbyterian Missions in the Far East during from 1934-1936. It covers missions work in India, Singapore, Formosa (Taiwan) and mainland China. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy to scan. This book is now in the Public Domain.

Campbell L. Moody [1866-1940], A Sound of Abundance of Rain. London: The Foreign Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church in England, 1936. Pbk. pp.40. [Click to Download complete book in PDF]


  1. Stir in Amoy
  2. Swatow and the Hakka Country
  3. Formosa
  4. Singapore
  5. India

Chapter 1: Sir in Amoy

When the visitor to the Far East enters the harbour of Amoy he gazes on this side and on that wondering on which side he will land, for the shores everywhere are crowded with buildings in Eastern and in Western style, and beyond the steamer’s prow is a wide expanse of sea, with vessels great and small sailing hither and thither, while brightly painted boats, like gondolas, each with an oarsman standing near its stern, approach the oncoming ship with offers of transport for the passengers.

It is somewhat odd, but the stranger does not reach the mainland of China. Business may take him to the little island on the one side, and the streets of Amoy; if he wishes to visit friends he will probably turn to the much smaller island on the other side; it is named Kulang

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