History of the Church in Armenia

This history of the church in Armenia was originally published in French.

Malachia Ormanian [1841-1918], The Church of Armenia. Her History, Doctrine, Rule, Discipline, Liturgy, Literature, and Existing Condition. Oxford: A.R. Mowbray & Co., Ltd., [1912]. Hbk. pp.271. [Click to visit the download page for this book]


  • Introduction by Bishop Welldon
  • Preface
  • List of Armenian Names With Their Equivilents in English
  • Preface to the French Edition
  • Introductory
  1. Origin of the Armenian Church
  2. The Primitive Era of the Armenian Church
  3. The Complete Conversion of Armenia
  4. Formation of the Ecclesiastical Hierachy
  5. The Armenian Church in the Fourth Century
  6. The Beginning of Armenian Literature
  7. The Armenian Church in the Fifith Century
  8. The Council of Chalcedon
  9. A Succession of Quarrels
  10. A Return to the Quarrels
  11. Peregrinations of Patriarchs
  12. The Patriarchal Set of Cilicia
  13. Attempts Toward Union
  14. Leanings Toward Unity
  15. The Return to Etchmiadzin
  16. The Patriarchate of Constantinople
  17. A Period of Awakening
  18. A Survey of the Eighteenth Century
  19. A Survey of the Nineteenth Century

  20. The Principles of Dogmas
  21. The Dogmas of the Armenian Church
  22. The Profession of Faith
  23. The Spirit of Tolerance
  24. The Doctrine of Sacraments
  25. Precision in Doctrine

  26. Organisation of the Hierarchy
  27. The Armenian Hierarchy
  28. Ecclesiastical Functions

  29. The Clergy and Celibacy
  30. The Ecclesiastical Revenues
  31. The Laity in the Church
  32. The Name of the Church

  33. The Church Buildings
  34. The Ministers of Worship
  35. The Obligations of Worship
  36. The System of the Calendar
  37. The Dominical Festivals
  38. The Commemoration of Saints

  39. A General Survey
  40. The Latest Signs

    The Present Time
  41. The External Aspect
  42. The Various Sects
  43. The National Character
  44. The Influence of the Church


  1. Chronology of Supreme Patriarchs
  2. Statistics of Armenian Dioceses
  • Index


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