A Mission Hospital at the Foot of Fish-Tail Mountain in Nepal

Lily M. O'Hanlon, At the Foot of Fish-Tail MountainThis little book is considered by the staff of the International Nepal Fellowship to be the most significant publication in the mission’s history. Following the opening of Nepal’s borders to ex-patriate missionaries in 1952, it tells of the story of founding of the mission work at the Shining Hospital in Pokhara.

At the Foot of Fish-Tail Mountain is in copyright and is reproduced here by kind permission of the International Nepal Fellowship (formerly the Nepal Evangelistic Band). The copyright holder has licenced its distribution for free educational purposes, but it must not be resold for profit.

Lily M. O’Hanlon, At the Foot of Fish-Tail Mountain. Perth: Milne, Tannahill & Methven, Ltd., [1957]. Hbk. pp.61. [Click to visit the download page]


  • Preface
  • Foreword
  1. Entering Nepal
  2. Inheriting the Promise
  3. Proving His Faithfulness
  4. Fulfilling the Commission
  5. Healing the Leper
  6. Building His Church


This is a most disturbing book: it is an account of a modern miracle. It is far more than a record of a great missionary adventure. It is convicting and challenging. It has made me thoroughly ashamed of myself, and my so much more easy pilgrimage.

Dr. Lily O’Hanlon, and her colleague, Hilda Steele, set off at the call of God to be ready to enter the closed land of Nepal, directly the “gate” was open and the needed permissions granted.

Nothing daunted by the difficulties, disappointments, and delays, they waited and worked among the border villages for sixteen years, always fully persuaded that what God had promised them He was able to perform.

And now He has done it. The redeeming love of Christ is known to some in that hitherto unopened territory of God’s world. His two intrepid ambassadors had none of the comforts of modern travel in reaching their promised land. They walked, they climbed, they trekked, often without knowing where they would rest the following night. But they arrived! …

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