Fires at the Foot of Fish-Tail by Patricia Hepworth

Machhapuchhare, view from Tadapani source Wikipedia
Machapuchhare, viewed from Tadapani. Source Wikipedia

The “fires” in the title of this book are Nepali Christian workers who sought to bring the gospel to their fellow countrymen and women. “Fish-Tail” is the magnificent Mount Machapuchare which dominates the sky-line of the city of Pokhara in Central Nepal. This little book tells the story of some of these fire brands. It was published by the Nepal Evangelistic Band in 1959 and reproduced here by kind permission of the International Nepal Fellowship. You are free to use this PDF for free educational purposes, but not to sell it for profit without written permission from the copyright holder.

Patricia Hepworth [d.1967], Fires at the Foot of Fish-TailPatricia Hepworth [d.1967], Fires at the Foot of Fish-Tail. Teignmouth: Nepal Evangelistic Band, [1959]. Pbk. pp.46. [Click to visit the download page]


  • Foreword
  1. “Fires” at the Foot of Fish-Tail
  2. Pastor David and Premi
  3. Philip and Paili
  4. Daud and Soni
  5. Buddhi Sagar and Putuli
  6. Noah nad Hannah
  7. Magdelene
  8. Simon
  9. Prem Masih
  10. Yacub and Rebecca
  11. Priscilla
  12. Priti
  13. Epilogue


There are expositors who teach that the seven Letters to the Churches in Revelation 2 and 3 are descriptive of the seven epochs in history which must be completed before the Return of the Lord. Most of them have made comparisons which suggest that today we are in the final·epoch descriptive of the Laodicean Church. Yet surely the Philadelphian experience of the open and shut door is incredibly interpretative of our generation. The door is closed in China; it is almost closed in other territories where permission for continuing work begun many years ago is ungraciously given, and then chiefly for educational or medical reasons. It would seem that to-day doors that were once wide open are certainly closing. It is equally true that doors that have been fastened against the Christian Missionary for centuries are now beginning to open. Since there are no chance happenings in sovereign grace it must be in the Will of God that Nepal has opened its doors, and therefore the following contribution by one of the pioneer missionaries, one of the first to pass through the open door, is not only of interest, but of great value….

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