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Missionary Journey in Africa and Madagascar

F.H. Hawkins [1863-1936], Through Lands That Were Dark. Being a Record of a Year's Missionary Journey in Africa and MadagascarF.H. Hawkins [1863-1936] was the Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society (LMS). This book records his tour through southern Africa and Madagascar. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making available a copy of this book for digitisation. This title is in the Public Domain.

F.H. Hawkins [1863-1936], Through Lands That Were Dark. Being a Record of a Year’s Missionary Journey in Africa and Madagascar. London: London Missionary Society, 1914. Hbk. pp.159. [Click to download complete book in PDF]



A. South Africa

I. Darkness and Light
II. The Ligth SPreading Northward
III. Tiger Kloof – “A Lamp Shining in a Dark Place”

B. Central Africa

IV. The Heart of the Dark Continent
V. The Brightness of His Rising

C. Madagascar

VI. Tannarive – “A City set on a Hill”
VII. Imerina Country Districts
VIII. Betsileo – “The Sombre Fringes of the Night”
IX. Glad and Golden Days


This short record of a year’s missionary journey in Africa and Madagascar is written at the request of the Directors of the London Missionary Society, and is based upon a series of Journal Letters written to my family and friends while I have been on my travels. This fact must be my excuse for writing in the first person. This little book has been prepared in the midst of the pressure of Secretarial work.

My visit to South Africa was a Secretarial visit. In Central Africa and Madagascar I formed one of a Deputation from the London Missionary Society. My colleague in Central Africa was the Rev. W. S. Houghton of Birmingham, and in Madagascar the other members of the Deputation were Mr. Houghton and Mr. Talbot E. B. Wilson of Sheffield.

It is not my purpose to attempt to give any description of the three Mission Fields which it has been my privilege to visit during the journey. Details with regard to the countries and the peoples will be found in three Handbooks published by the Society.[Continue reading]

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