Missionary Principles and Practice by Robert E. Speer

A handbook on missionary principles by the American Presbyterian missiologist Robert Elliott Speer [1867-1947]. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of this public domain book for digitisation.

Robert E. Speer [1867-1947], Missionary Principles and Practice. A Discussion of Christian Missions and of some Criticisms upon them, 3rd edn. New York/London: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1902. Hbk. pp.552. [Click to visit the Robert Speer page to download this and other titles by this author]


  • Preface
  • Part I. General Principles Stated
  1. Missions—Primary and Essential in Christianity
  2. Common Honesty and Foreign Missions
  3. The Need of the Non-Christian World for Christ
  4. What are Christian Missionaries Trying to Do?
  5. The Aim of Christian Missions
  6. The Science of Missions
  7. The Kind of Men Needed in Foreign Missions
  8. Some Current Criticisms of Missions
  9. The Assumption Underlying Missionary Criticism
  10. Missions and Spiritual Life
  11. Missionaries and Their Rights
  12. Christianity the Solitary and Sufficient Religion

    Part II. General Principles Applied
  13. The Iniquity of Christian Missions in China
  14. Are the Missionaries Responsible for the Troubles in China?
  15. The Scuttle Policy in China
  16. Has Missionary Work in China Been Worth While?
  17. Minister Wu’s Confucian Propaganda
  18. A Roman Catholic View of Missions in China
  19. Higher Education in Missions with Special Reference to Conditions in China
  20. Truth or Tolerance
  21. Some Missionary Aspects of Paul’s First Itineration
  22. Some Missionary Aspects of Paul’s Second Itineration

    Part III. Need and Results
  23. Impressions of Christian Missions in Asia
  24. Persian Mohammedans and Mohammedanism
  25. Glimpses of Life on a Persian Highway
  26. On the Corpse Road
  27. Why Christianity Appeals to the Japanese
  28. Shosaburo Aoyama, A Japanese Christian Gentleman
  29. Four Life Stories
  30. Pastor Tsiang’s Story
  31. A Chinese Preacher
  32. Two Korean Christians
  33. Missionary Biographies
  34. Missionary Heroism I Have Known
  35. Li Hung Chang and Christian Missions
  36. The Civilizing Influence of Missions
  37. The Propagation of Christianity in the Last Century

    Part IV. Privilege and Duty
  38. The Missionary Spirit of the Christian Life
  39. Christ, the Desire of the Nations
  40. What Christ Has Done for Woman
  41. Prayer and Missions
  42. The Holy Spirit and Missions
  43. The Resources of the Christian Church
  44. The Evangelization of the World in this Generation
  45. The Speedy Bringing of the World to Christ