Register of London Missionary Society Missionaries 1796-1923

Register of London Missionary Society MissionariesThe Register of London Missionary Society Missionaries is one of the most useful books I have yet come across for those interested in missionary biography. The register of 170 pages provides a synopsis of the lives of hundreds of LMS missionaries. The Appendices are no less helpful, one giving an alphabetical listing of the maiden names of missionaries wives.

The register was compiled by Dr. James Sibree, the noted missionary-architect who served in Madagascar. The previous owner has annoted some of the entries and corrected some of the dates. I have left these notes in case they are helpful to readers. This title, which I purchased online, is in the public domain.

James Sibree [1836-1929], A Register of Missionaries, Deputations, etc. from 1796 to 1923, 4th edn. London: London Missionary Society, 1923. Hbk. pp.221. [This material is in the Public Domain][Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • Foreword – Edward Shillito
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Register of Missionaries 1796-1923
  • Appendix A: List of Missionaries 1796-1923
  • Appendix B: List of Missionaries’ Wives, under their Maiden Names
  • Appendix C: Register of L.M.S. Deputations 1812-1923
  • Appendix D: List of Treasurers
  • Appendix E: List of Secretaries
  • Summary of Contributions made to Native Literature by Missionaries of the L.M.S.


It is my pleasant task to write a brief preface to this new and revised Register of L.M.S Missionaries. The Register has not been brought up to date since the time when the Society was celebrating its centenary. During the twenty-seven years between that memorable time and the present there have been many. changes. Some records of service have been completed, and many names appear upon this Register for the first time. The task of carrying the Register forward to the present hour ha~ been one of immense toil. It was undertaken by Dr. Sibree, who had retired from his long and honourable service in Madagascar, but was ready then, as at all times, to devote his many gifts to the service of the Society. To the compiling of the Register he has brought the s1me untiring diligence and scholarly accuracy which have marked all his work. To him the Society owes a great debt. [Continue reading]

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