Church Planting in Madagascar

William Kendall Gale [1882-1935], Church Planting in MadagascarWilliam Kendall Gale [1873-1935], who served with the London Missionary Society (LMS), was well qualified to write on the subject of church planting in Madagascar, having established over 200 churches in that country. This book is a compilation of his articles previous published in Word Dominion magazine. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the Public Domain.

William Kendall Gale [1882-1935], Church Planting in Madagascar. London: World Dominion Press, 1937. Pbk. pp.88. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


Foreword by Dr. Thomas Cochrane

  1. A Cry as of Pain
  2. The People in Darkness
  3. A Door Flung Wide
  4. Tackling the Problem
  5. The Unknown God
  6. Opening a Window
  7. Seeking a Leader
  8. Watering the Seed
  9. The Village of the Emaciated Gogo
  10. William Kendall Gale – The Man and His Work by Harold A. Ridgwell


This book has been compiled from articles contributed to World Dominion from time to time by my beloved and lamented friend William Kendall Gale. He and I had many talks together, and much correspondence, on missionary principles.

We of the World Dominion Movement are in touch with an ever-increasing number of missionaries in many parts of the world, who stand for missionary methods which we have advocated for many years, viz., widespread evangelism, with a view to the formation of indigenous churches which, from their inception, shall be self-governing, self-propagating and self-supporting, and which shall undertake the task of the continuous evangelization of their own neighbourhood. William Kendall Gale was one of the best advocates, by pen and in practice, of these methods. In him the London Missionary Society, with which I am proud to have been associated, has the honour of adding to its heroic roll one of the greatest missionaries of modern times.

His was truly an apostolic ministry. He founded over two hundred Christian churches in Madagascar. If every missionary could have the success which Kendall Gale achieved, the world’s mission fields would soon have enough indigenous churches to inaugurate the post-missionary era.


(Editor of World Dominion)

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