Christian Missions in Madagascar

Edward Oliver McMahon [1860-1918], Christian Missions in MadagascarArchdeacon Edward Oliver McMahon [1860-1918] recalls the history of S.P.G. missionary work in Madagascar. There are numerous  contemporary photographs that depict various aspects of Malagasy life. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Edward Oliver McMahon [1860-1918], Christian Missions in Madagascar. Westminster: The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1914. Hbk. pp.179. [Click to download the complete book in PDF]


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Madagascar and the Malagasy
  2. The First Christian Missions in Madagascar
  3. Religious beliefs and customs
  4. Progress of Christianity
  5. The last days of Hova
  6. Missions under French rule
  7. Review of the Anglican Mission work in Madagascar
  8. Church work in the north
  9. The Malagasy way of looking at things
  10. The comity of Missions
  11. Hope, problems, and jubilee festivities
  • Bibliography
  • Index


I have been asked to write a few words to com-mend this book to all who love Mission work. It has been prepared with infinite pains by my dear friend and fellow-worker, Archdeacon McMahon.

No present member of the Mission is better qualified than he is to write an account of our work; for, with one exception, he alone re-members those early days, so interesting and romantic, before the French occupation. Many readers will regret that the old days are gone for ever, and that many interesting customs and survivals of heathenism and the peculiarities of native rule have been swept away. “The old order changeth yielding place to new.”

The book, though necessarily brief, is comprehensive; and it will be found that full justice has been done to the noble work, which has been done, and which is being done for Christ, by other societies in this island. [Continue reading]


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