1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh

1910 World Missionary Conference
 Proceedings of the 1910 World Missionary Conference

According to Wikipedia:

The 1910 World Missionary Conference, or the Edinburgh Missionary Conference, was held on 14 to 23 June, 1910. Some have seen it as both the culmination of nineteenth-century Protestant Christian missions and the formal beginning of the modern Protestant Christian ecumenical movement.

The article continues:

The spirit of the Conference was driven by the watchword of the Protestant Christian Missionary community at the time: “The Evangelization of the World in This Generation.” Thus, sentiments of obligation and urgency drove many of the commission reports, discussions and speeches at the Conference. A call to unity among Protestant missionaries was also a common desire expressed at the Conference, although no common liturgy was celebrated among the delegates while in Edinburgh. In his 1947 book What Must the Church Do?, Robert S. Bilheimer used the phrase “New Reformation” to refer to the ecumenical movement that resulted from the conference, and this usage became commonplace thereafter.

Thanks to the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, I am able to make available the eight volumes of Reports from the Conference. The ninth volume contains the proceedings and public addresses given at the Conference. These may well prove the most interesting to modern readers as they contain a snapshot of the progress of evangelisation around the world. The copyright for these articles is more complex, but on checking all but a few have proved to be public domain. I have also included a rare article from the The Quiver written prior to the Conference and an assessment of its significance written by Church historian Harold Rowden in 1967.

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