Grace Astounding in Bolshevik Russia

Archibald McCaig [?-1936], Grace Astounding in Bolshevik Russia. A Record of the Lord's Dealing With Brother Cornelius Martens

This is an account of the work of Conelius Martens who served in Russia through the time of the revolution. It is written by Archibald McCaig, former principal oF Spurgeon’s College in South London. This title is in the public domain.

Archibald McCaig [?-1936], Grace Astounding in Bolshevik Russia. A Record of the Lord’s Dealing With Brother Cornelius Martens. London: Russian Missionary Society, [1929]. Hbk. pp.133. [Click to download this title in PDF]


  • Foreword
  1. Conversion and Early Witnessing
  2. Divine Call to the Ministry of the Word
  3. Work during the War
  4. Experiences under Bolshevism
  5. Triumphs of Grace
  6. Business and Blessing
  7. Prison Experiences: Rejoicing in Tribulation
  8. On the Wing
  9. Some Further Experiences: Wonderful Deliverances
  10. Victory over Priestly Opposition
  11. Bank Director and Robbers Converted
  12. Sidelights on Bolshevism
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix


In the summer of 1927 it was my privilege to spend some months in Riga at the Headquarters of the Russian Missionary Society in company with the Founder and General Director, my friend and former student, Pastor William A. Fetler. It was a time of wonderful blessing and gracious experiences. As on other occasions, one found constant delight in attending the meetings and witnessing the power of God in the conversion of sinners and the fuller consecration of saints. Special interest was found in taking part in the opening services of the great Tabernacle in Riga (the Temple of Salvation), of which I have written elsewhere, which is now the scene of Pastor Fetler’s Evangelistic labours. [Continue reading]

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