Samuel Callis [1870-1897], Missionary to Uganda

Richard Deare Pierpont [1838-1929], In Uganda For Christ.Uganda still ranks #4 in the Theology on the Web Group Poll, so here is a biography of another missionary to that country – Samuel Callis. My thanks to the Church Missionary Society for their permission to reproduce it here.

Richard Deare Pierpont [1838-1929], In Uganda For Christ. The Life Story of the Rev. John Samuel Callis B.A., of the Church Missionary Society. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1898. Hbk. pp.196. [Click to download in PDF]


  1. Childhood and Early Years
  2. College Life and Preparation for the Ministry
  3. Three Years’ Ministry at All Saints’, Plumstead
  4. The Missionary Call and Dismissal to the Field
  5. The Voyage to Africa and Stay in Frere Town
  6. The Journey to the Front
  7. Arrival in Uganda and Departure for Toro
  8. Journey to Toro
  9. At Work in Toro
  10. The Early Home Call


I have been honoured by the invitation to prefix a few words to the brief story of a young Missionary. I do so with thankfulness and hope, believing that the simple narrative both illustrates a gracious fact and sets forth a wholesome example. In my acquaintance with those who have received the Missionary call, I have been struck by the number who come of a godly seed. The old taunt that the children of pious parents turn out ill, is only based on exceptions which secure prominence by their rarity. On the other hand, as it should be, the instincts created by the Spirit through the influences of a holy home are the commonest causes for Missionary ambition. While there is no such thing as hereditary grace, there is a power in parental prayers, and a holy family history which, without the smallest human suggestion, nay, sometimes in most unlikely ways, prepares the soul for God’s leadings into the Missionary life. [Continue reading]

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